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Forests of the Sulechów Forest District occupy the area of 23,456.41 hectares. The Forest District is divided into quite a large number of forest areas. It encompasses 196 forest complexes.

The main complex includes forests in sub-districts of Nietkowice and Sulechów. Its area is 14,524.44 hectares, which equals 57.28% of the total forest area of the forest district. The second largest forest complex is located in the central-southern part of the Klenica Sub-district. Its area is 5907.07 hectares, which equals 23.30% of the forest area. Other complexes do not exceed 100 hectares and are scattered across the forest district. In the Nietkowice Sub-district, there are 39 forest complexes, in the Klenica Sub-district - 69, in the Sulechów Sub-district - 88.

The Forest District may be a great place for leisure. Not only because of the wonderful nature, but also because of the better and better touristic conditions.

The Forest District is situated in lowlands. The dominant landscape types are lowland-flat and lowland-hilly The southern end of Łagów Lake District (Pojezierze Łagowskie) is shaping the lay of land in the northern part of the forest district – almost the entire Sulechów Sub-district and the northern edge of the Nietkowice Sub-district. In that area, morainic hills dominate the landscape. The northern and western part of Nietkowice and parts of Sulechów are within sandur plain area of the Torzym Plain (Równina Torzymska). The southern part of all of the sub-districts lies in the Central Oder Valley (Dolina Środkowej Odry). It stretches across a 5 to 10 kilometre-wide strip, with the largest area around Nietkowice (c. 75% of the sub-district). A sandy and marshy plain, with not big dune hills, occupies the area of the Klenica Sub-district and a portion of the eastern part of Sulechów sub-district.