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Planned forest management in the Sulechów Forest District has started around the half of the XIX century.

The older forest grew in the following forest stands:

  • pine;
  • mixed with beech, pine and oak;
  • purely deciduous, mainly with beech and oak.

There are also alder, as well as ash and alder forest stands in peat bog valleys and picturesque bends of Oder.

The wars fought in the areas have also done a lot of damage to the forests. The damages were mostly caused by clearance of wide areas of forest and numerous fires.

After the World War II, by the decree of the Polish Committee of National Liberation (Polski Komitet Wyzwolenia Narodowego, PKWN) of 12 December 1944 the administration of national forests have taken over municipal forests. The small and medium-sized forests of private owners, as well as forests of larger demesnes have also been nationalised. At the same time, for political and economical reasons, low quality post-agricultural lands have also been afforested.

 Within borders similar to those of today, the Sulechów Forest District was created on 1 January 1973, by combining the former Forest Districts of Kargowa, Sulechów and Nietkowice. A year later, the Klenica Forest District was also joined to the new district. In the following year, the Babimost Forest District and the Kargowa Sub-district were joined as well.