The Sulechów Forest District is situated in the central-eastern part of Lubuskie Province, around Sulechów, between Radnica, Kalsk, Konotop and Bojadła. Located entirely in the area of reception basin of the Oder (Odra). The line of the river is the southern border of the Forest District The tributaries of the Oder on the right bank drain the areas of the district. There are many interesting nature-, landscape- and tourism-wise meander cutoffs.

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Planned forest management in the Sulechów Forest District has started around the half of the XIX century.

Projects and funds

"Promotion of Crossborder Cooperation of Sulechów Forest District and Landratsamt Bautzen Kreisforstamt" was a project carried out by Sulechów Forest District in 2014. The partner from Saxony was Landratsamt Bautzen Kreisforstamt (District Forest Office) located in Kametz.


Sulechów Forest District co-operates with Landratsamt Bautzen Kreisforstamt (County Forest Office) from Saxony (Germany). The headquarter of the project partner Landsratsamt Bautzen Kreisforstamt is located in Kamenz. Further information can be found here.