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Forest and nature education is a vital element aiding the protection of nature. Its primary task is to propagate the knowledge of forest environment and forest management and to shape desirable attitude towards nature.

The negative activity of man in the forests is a true threat for forest ecosystems. The dangers include:

  • trampling of cultivation and fleece, mass and destructive ways of mushroom picking, picking of forest fruits with prohibited tools and methods;
  • mushroom and fruit picking in protected areas (ecological sites and protective zones around the nesting sites of protected bird species);
  • common breaking of the no entry by car regulations and the rules of proper in-forests behaviour.
  • vandalism, e.g. destruction of tourist, education and protective infrastructure;
  • moving protected plant species out of the forest and into private gardens and water holes;
  • unauthorised use of open fire in forests;
  • larceny of wood - mainly of stack wood prepared for transport and evergreen trees;
  • forest poaching;
  • animal feeding - laying out of large amounts of food make the animals more likely to enter into human estates, causing damages and posing a threat to its residents.
  • bringing dogs without a leash - it bothers and frightens the animals away.