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The educational offer is primarily directed at organised tourists, especially at children and youngsters. Foresters closely cooperate with local schools. They take part in organisation of forest excursions, organise contests on forest and nature, and participate in meetings and talks in schools.

The most interesting, however, are the classes organised in forests, on the educational trails laid out by foresters.

There are four educational trails in the area of the forest district:

  • To Waligóra (Do Waligóry) - 3.4 km, Klęsko Forest Ranger Area;
  • Through Radowice nature reserve (Przez Rezerwat Radowice) - 5 km,  Forest Ranger Areas of Klemsko and Radowice;
  • Over Jabłonna (Nad Jabłonną) - 5 km, Forest Ranger Areas of Stary Dwór and Brody;
  • The bits of Karszyn (Zakątki Karszyna) - 3.6 km, Karszyn Forest Ranger Area.

The above mentioned are all forest and education trails. They show the most important natural qualities of the land in an exhaustive manner. The prepared trails allow the visitors to see a wealth of components of the forest environment, natural curiosities, as well as real examples of rational forest management. The first two of the aforementioned trails are open-shaped, the others are loops. The trails are like regular marked tourist trails. They can be traversed on foot or by bicycle, individually or in a group.  The trails are marked with a sign of green leaf on a white arrow pointing in the direction of the path. The themed stops have been permanently marked on numbered wooden poles, painted in white.  The sightseeing is made easier by special information brochures.