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The hunting management in the Sulechów Forest District is held in 9 hunting zones, hired by 7 hunting associations, and in the National Forests Game Breeding Centre (Ośrodek Hodowli Zwierzyny, OHZ).

The area of the forest district is included in two breeding areas, for which a Long-term Hunting Management Plan (Wieloletni Łowiecki Plan Hodowlany) for the years 1998-2007 have been prepared. The I breeding area comprises zones no: 122,131,133,134,146. The II breeding area comprises zones no: 123,124, 125, 126, 132.

In the Sulechów Forest District, the following big game species occur: red deer, fallow deer, roe deer and wild boar.  The examples of small games species include: hare, pheasant, fox and badger.